Well, its got to begin somewhere...


This would be the official kick-off to www.morghanfortier.com! (also found at http://morghanfortier.blogspot.com/)

This blog will be a bit about me and what I've been up to. Check out my portfolio page for some of those details.

However, this will also be about the Animation and Visual Effects community that I've lived in for the last 13 years. I'll be showcasing artists and talent who I have worked with in the past, and who I adore. You can see their details under the "Featured Artists" column to the right. Be sure to check back as this list grows!

I'll also be doing a Showcased Artist each month. This month is the amazing Andre E-R, and you can check his work out further under the Showcased Artist Page.

I'll also be branching out to artists who are new to my immediate community, but whose work I really respect (look for that column in the future).

Interested in being featured? Feel free to email me through the blog.

Are you a Producer or Director looking for artists? Shoot me an email, I might be able to find someone for you!

Are you an artist looking for work? Be sure to check out my twitter feed (the link is on the blog, but you can also find it below the blog) for industry job postings, news and events.

All the best, and thanks for watching!



  1. Nice Blogo!!! great gallery of talent - gracias for posting the work Morghan.
    Lisa Hemeon.


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